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Empowering, Inspiring, Loving...Believing.

Designed to encourage women of all ages to feel and connect with their beautiful self and explore both inner and outer beauty


*Group discussion exploring image and beauty throughout the ages

*Decoding media images

*Coaching tips on facial massage

*Techniques to encourage relaxation and wellbeing

*Facial and skincare routines

*Discovering Aromatherapy oils, creating and making your own bespoke blends. Using organic and natural products


*Connection to our Higher Beautiful self



*Breathing techniques

*Creating your individual and unique healing mantra 

*Dance and movement


Your very happy pupil! I want to thank you because this group really did something to me. Instead of hiding and being uncomfortable with my looks. I now know better. I have been so preoccupied with my brain and feelings, that I am now finally accepting my features and feeling proud of being a woman...Alexandra Frick

This group is a revelation. I found a beautiful inner luminescence that I believe will not disappear, it brings me all the softness and beauty in life... Fabienne Merenda.

Thank you, for this group. It has brought me keys and treasures that I hope every woman can discover and know... Satyam.

Very enriching and healing to attend this workshop with women of all ages and nationalities. The powerful sharings made me realise that I am not alone in my challenges and questions. Siobhan provided a safe and nurturing space from which I could connect deeper to myself. I wish and encourage all women to attend this workshop...Zahira.

I have worked with Siobhan over the past 10 years. I am touched and inspired by her knowledge, energy, spiritual guidances and her ability to bring out the best in both her clients and those she works along side...A truly inspirational teacher. Joy and light to whom ever has the fortune to work or be treated by her...Christella Anastasiou. Yoga coach New Delhi, India.