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 A powerful process to meet your Soul Mate

Meeting our Soul Mate is the dream of each and every one of us, often our life long quest. Many of us expect faith to deliver our Soul Mate to us on our door step, whilst others lose faith and believe they will never meet theirs.

How can it be possible?

These two unique coaching sessions will help guide you through any blockages and patterns that have prevented you from finding or staying with your true love.

They will help inspire you with insight and clarity to attract and recognise what has been missing in your relationships.

How does it work?

The process begins with an hour telephone or Skype session.

You are then set  homework to do over the next 21 days.

At the second session you will meet Siobhan in person, but if distance is a problem, this too can be completed on Skype. It is then that during this one on one coaching session a powerful ritual is experienced and new pathways open.


"The Soul Mate sessions with Siobhan took me on a journey, that resulted with me finding true clarity in what I wanted in a Partner. At the same time I started the process all unhealthy relationships finished, it was truly a miracle in such a short space of time. And now I am with my Soul Mate and happily married. A simple, beautiful yet highly powerfull process, thankyou"...Roxannah

"Life coaching mixed with both spiritual and ritual processes (and a little bit of magic) To facilitate and recognise and ultimately find your Soul Mate"...Sienna

"After separating from my long term partner, for the next five years I found myself unable to attract a man who was really available to me. I received two life coaching sessions from Siobhan on the subject of attracting a partner who is the right match for me, the ritual that Siobhan talked me through has clearly broken the pattern to whom I was attracting into my life. I am now happily in love with a man who loves me and I now recognise that he has the qualities that I always needed"...Hannah

All coaching is strictly private and confidential.