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Reiki is a holistic therapy originating from Japan, which treats the patient on a physical, mental and a emotional level. It works on the understanding that the physical body is surrounded by an energy field. If we become physically, emotionally or mentally imbalanced then our energy field can become compromised and effected.

A Reiki healer channels energy through their hands, this helps to rebalance the clients energy, creating relief in the symtoms felt in the physical and emotional bodies. During this non-intrusive process the client will experience feelings of calmness and deep relaxation. It can be used as complementary treatment and blends well with other therapies.

Siobhan trained and qualified in Reiki with Graham King (Reiki Master) who currently works with teenagers and pediatrics within University College of London Hospital. She has furthered her ongoing professional development by attaining a diploma  in Healing in Hospitals facilitated by Angie Buxton-King, the first paid healer within the NHS at UCLH. This covers the practical aspects of working in hospices and hospitals as a Reiki healer. Siobhan has treated patients within hospice with her Reki and Healing therapies over the years.  

I just wanted to say thank you for a truly healing and nurturing Reiki treatment. It was exactly what I needed and will help me a great deal to face life's challenges. It has left me feeling relaxed and supported on both a physical and emotional level. I had the best nights sleep I have had in months. I am already looking forward to my next session. Bless you. Maya Stephens...Entrepreneur


*Promotes health and well being

*Reduces stress and anxiety

*Helps reduce symptoms of conditions such as insomnia, pain and stress

*Promotes the bodies ability to heal itself

*Increases energy levels

*Can be used alongside conventional treatments

*Supports the patient on a physical, emotional and mental level.

*Induces feelings of warmth, relaxation and well being.