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Siobhan trained and qualified over twenty five years ago and the massage that she offers is a testament not only to her skills as a masseur, but also to her on going professional and personal development. She has trained to the highest standard in Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Healing.

It is because of her knowledge of these many disciplines that her treatment is so unique and special.

The holistic massage not only works on a physical plane but also on a emotional and spiritual level. The combination of incorporating all three dimensions, results in restoring  balance to her clients system and leaves a deep sense of relaxation and well being.


After a consultation and analysis of your medical history, a bespoke blend of essential oils are made personally for your treatment. Once you are fully relaxed on the couch a combination of techniques will be applied to the tissues of the body, muscles, ligaments and skin. This has an affect on the deeper tissues, deep muscles, joints, nervous system and the circulation of the blood and assists lymphatic drainage. The movements allow for compression and release of the muscles and this combined with deep breathing techniques allows the stress and detoxification to leave the system...So enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the client.

Kate Bernard...Writer and Columnist for Harpers and Queen, Arts editor and features editor for Tatler magazine.  The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent and Observer magazine.

As a journalist who has worked on the editorial teams of glossy magazines for the best part of my adult life, I have, in pursuit of health and beauty stories, put myself in the hands of hundreds of practitioners. Many of these present themselves as healers, some have been impressive, few of them impressive enough for me to see more than once or twice. But Siobhan Schiller is a true healer to whom I would happily entrust my future holistic health.

In Part (and it is a vital of what I'd call a healing relationship) this is due to her ability to connect with people who need her help - the bedside manner one always hopes for in a GP - coupled with disarming "glad-I-could-help" modesty. She is professional without being brisk and approaches her work with an unpretentious pragmatism that is rare in her field, whilst performing miracles on one's mind, body and spirit. In my experience Siobhan is able to combine massage, reiki and reflexology and psychotherapy to relax and recharge her client. In terms of beauty, her own face and figure are an excellent advertisement for her work. She has a comforting aura of serenity and well being, inspiring confidence in those of us for whom disquiet is a close but unwelcome companion. After a session with Siobhan, there is a sense of lightness and cheer; birdsong drowns the misery of sirens, colours appear enriched and a spring returns to the step as one strides to meet the next challenge.


*Rebalancing of energy

*Relief from muscle tension and stress

*Deep sense of relaxation and well being

*Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

*Energising and Transforming

*Helps support the bodies own natural healing process

*Enhances physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing