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The treatment starts with a double cleanse, to make the outer layers of skin thoroughly clean. Then the skin is toned using pure rose water. A gentle plant-based exfoliator is applied with a soft electrical brush, this increases the circulation and so easily removes the upper layer of dead cells and skin. This enables the products to be absorbed over time. Followed by a gentle steam of Morrocan rose petals, which opens the pores to push out any deep seated dirt and blockages. There follows twenty minutes of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage which is expertly applied to the neck, shoulders and face using bespoke essential oils. After which a natural plant based face mask is left on for ten minutes to fully absorb and allow the client total relaxation. To finish...another tone and rose day cream. 


Janey Lee Grace - Broadcaster and author of Look Great Naturally.

For a totally relaxing holistic facial look no further than Siobhan Schiller, with soothing music in the background, Siobhan gently cleansed, toned and manipulated the facial tissues using only 100% natural products. She skillfully used essential oils and I loved the facial steaming with Morocan rose petals. The back and shoulder massage was deep and therapeutic and as I drifted in and out of deep relaxation I felt as though I had a fully body massage. I left with glowing silky smooth skin and a feeling of total wellbeing.

"Note to myself"...Book this relaxing holistic facial regularly.

Mahasatvaa Sarita  - Tantra teacher and Healer

A friend gave me a gift voucher to receive a facial with Siobhan. It was the most divine experience. However, I regarded facials as a kind of one off luxury, and believed this was something I may do once in a blue moon. Siobhan convinced me that a facial once every six weeks is an ideal rhythm for optimising a womens beauty. I am so glad that I listened. Now my regular facial is a sacred time of inner and outer beauty. It has a noticeably cumulative effect and people often comment that my face has an inner healthful radiance that no store bought cream can give.

Benefits of regular facials.

*Detoxifying and deep cleansing of the skin

*Improved complexion and appearance

*Stimulating and exercise for the skin

*Preventative to premature aging and decrease in wrinkles

*Regular facial massage will result in noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture

*Will restore normal pH balance

*Exceptionally relaxing