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Workshops for Girls

Helping our girls of today become the women of tomorrow

Workshops designed to encourage girls to have a positive relationship with the way they look and feel in a unique, fun and educational way

Some of the themes explored...

*Image and beauty throughout history

*Group discussion on decoding media images and the misconception of Photoshoping

*Holistic skin care demonstrations and advice

*Natural skin care preparations

*Discovering Aromatherapy oils and creating bespoke blends

*Understanding and accepting personal values

*Meditation and visualisations

*Positive role models and personal goal setting

*Understanding the inner critic and transforming negative self judgements

Diane Foxon...Educational Consultant Coventry Local Education Authority Summer scheme for Looked After Children.

Inspirational workshops that focused on encouraging confidence and self -belief.

Through well planned discussion and thought provoking question and answer sessions the young people involved were challenged to develop the skills of self -analysis that allowed them to feel that they could achieve. This culture of ‘I Can’ was evident throughout.

Using the medium of how we physically present ourselves as a barometer for how we see ourselves was a fantastic way to make these young people realise that the first stepping stone to personal success was to value themselves.

For some of these young people these workshops were the start of their journeys to building successful lives. Lives where they could make positive contributions to their world because they felt valued and of value.

This was a great opportunity for me to attend this workshop, very usefull information and refreshing to look at myself and others with new eyes without judgement...Danielle

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, fun, educational and friendly...Isabelle

This group really helped me understand how important it is to appreciate my inner beauty, I now understand its not just how I look on the outside that will make me happy...Ellie

It was so relaxing, peacefull and it gave me things to think about. Thank you so much for such a great experience, there are now a few changes I'm looking forward to making...Hannah


Thank you so much for today, it was trully inspirational, you are such an amazing woman. I loved everything. I hope I can come again...Georgia

Thank you for teaching me and helping me to learn things about myself that I never knew before...Molly

I enjoyed everything and cant wait to come to more of your workshops...Katie